5 stars. 9/16/2015

I’m happy to update my review of Savvy Nails after the business owner, Kim, went out of her way to reach out to me following my recent negative first experience. She invited me back into the salon to have my gel manicure corrected, and what I received was one of the best gel manicures I’ve ever had. My cuticles were treated very gently, so gently that I could hardly notice them being trimmed; this is what I have always experienced with a quality manicure and why I was so surprised by the pain during my first visit. My nails were filed with precision and I was asked multiple times to make sure that I was happy with the shape and length. The polish looks immaculate; the ends of my nails were painted and edges all wiped clean. I did not feel rushed at all and felt that every aspect of the manicure was done with care and attention to detail this time; I was there for close to an hour, which I prefer, as opposed to the 30 minutes my first manicure at Savvy took.

I’m glad that I was able to experience what I’d expected to during my first visit and I do believe that this is the standard at Savvy. With genuine care for each customer and the high skill level that I experienced today I understand first hand why Savvy has so many positive reviews. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer now; I don’t see myself checking out other nearby salons anytime soon after all!